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My Present to You


Have a great amazing day and a really fantastic year after that >w<

Your Birthday was a great excuse to draw Ink again btw uwu
I already drew this at the beginning of February because I have 4 people who were born in March so it’s always a bit stressful to draw something decent then^^ Though drawing it earlier also has it down sides since I now see all the mistakes OTL Sorry I didn’t put more effort into it! QAQ Your present to me was so amazing and I just give you this wonky animation >A< I don’t even know why this is an Animation! I just drew and drew and then it was finished and an animation OxO Mysterious…

I hope one can even understand what’s going on here? uxu
It’s kinda sad that I will explain it now but I really think it is needed OTL
First Ink is just standing there, relaxing and then sighing a bit. Why is he sighing? I don’t know I just wanted his shirt to move a bit…
Then he spots you, being a bit taken by surprise.
And in the end he makes a flower grow. He probably wants to give it to you as a present I guess? Since it’s your Birthday you know… And there it explains my wonderful creative title too, how convenient, haha xD

Anyway, as I already said, I hope you have a great great day and get lots of presents and cake ^0^ I only wish you the very best QwQ

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